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The Million Dollar Bookshop

This page aims to generate a million dollars for children's charity. Anyone may obtain pixels to advertise their book. Each pixel will link to the purchaser's website (typically an Amazon link or author blog)

This attempt will either fizzle and die, or take off and go viral. If it fizzles you will merely have given some dollars to excellent charities for sick children - if it takes off you will have given to charity _and_ been on the ground floor of something special that will get great visibility for your book. Either is good.

You can get pixels by donating to any children's charity directly and send me e-copy of the receipt, or have them email me to confirm the donation (best method!).

You can also get space by donating/gifting funds via paypal to be passed on to the charities listed on the charity tag at the bottom of the page. To get space let me know you're making a suitable charitable donation and email (to the image, the dimensions of the rectangle you wish to have it appear in, and the URL you wish it to link to. We'll sort out the donation separately.

Initially pixels will cost 1 cent each. Click on 'Stage 1 Board' to see how the board appears. If your image doesn't look good/work at the resolution we'll work on it.

When this board is full the resolution will halve and the price per pixel becomes 4 cents (see "Stage 2 board"). If the Stage 2 board fills the resolution will halve again and the price per pixel becomes 16 cents (see Stage 3 board). Finally if the stage 3 board is filled the resolution will reduce once more, and the price increase to $1 per pixel and the Million Dollar Board will be revealed. (See The Million Dollar Board).

At no point will anyone who has paid for space be asked for more money.

Should the project reach the later boards a sliding magnifier will be coded up so that detail can still be seen.

ADDITIONALLY - anyone giving to children's charities can use that donation to pump/embiggen/make larger the link of their choice - just email me.